Soft starter as an electric motor

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The use of a soft starter is a very practical and at the same time more and more widespread way of starting engines and is used in practically every branch of industry. These devices quickly gained popularity not only for their ease of use and integration into the propulsion system, but also for their functions and protective properties. We looked at the greatest contribution of soft starters in the operation of industrial electric motors.

The claim that using a soft starter will take your use of the electric motor and its regulation to a higher level is not an exaggeration at all. You will also be convinced by the Kinetics soft starters, which in their compact design offer advanced functions, thanks to which the entire drive system will be easier to control and also more protected. It is therefore a single device that you can easily implement into the entire drive system. They are used, for example, in electric motors ensuring the movement of conveyors, pumps, fans and other equipment.

Gentle and smooth start of the electric motor

The main task of the soft starter is to ensure a smooth and gentle start-up of the electric motor. With a soft starter, you can maintain high torque and also eliminate the risks associated with current spikes. Smooth start-up also has a positive effect on the wear of some drive system components. For example, it reduces the wear on the V-belts, and in the case of pumps, it is certainly worth mentioning that their load is significantly reduced when starting with a soft starter.

Soft starter

Propulsion system protection

Propulsion systems are generally a major investment and therefore deserve adequate protection. It is Kinetics soft starters that boast a number of safety features that protect the electric motor from overheating, overvoltage and undervoltage. Properly configured soft starter will ensure maximum efficient operation of the electric motor without overload, overheating and other negative phenomena.

Compact control solution

Kinetics soft starters are designed to be as easy to implement as possible. With one compact device, you can start several drive systems at once. The soft starters are configured at the factory, so you can start using them as soon as they are connected. Of course, the functional equipment of the soft starter can be customized.

Get advice from our experts when choosing a soft starter and you will also achieve the most efficient drive with maximum protection.